Where the Fish Eagle calls


A place on the planet with the biggest variety of fauna and flora;  a place that, when once visited, will not leave your soul untouched.  There is just something about this place that tends to draw you in, that creates memories lasting a lifetime. 


It does things to you that you cannot quite explain to someone else in words;  you have to feel it, touch it, breath it and only then will you start to know it.  Either through the lens of binoculars or of a rifle scope, or just with the naked eye - it does not matter.  It will touch your soul. 


Long after your safari, in front of a fireplace at home, with a drink in your hand, looking at your trophies on the wall, or going through your photo album, you will relive the experiences and there will be a longing to return to Africa.


Your first step to create your own memories, will be to contact us at Mkolo, to help you do just that.  We want to share our passion, knowledge and experiences with you so that you can partake in conversations and share your memories instead of just being a listener.