Where the Fish Eagle calls

About Us


Our base camp is right on the banks of the majestic Limpopo River, bordering Botswana.  It is a beautiful, very true African romantic setting with abundant birdlife and wildlife amongst big, beautiful leadwood trees, weeping boer bean and big apple-leaf trees.

We, at Mkolo are passionate about Africa and passionate about its fauna and flora.  It will be a great privilege for us to share this passion with you.

Our team at Mkolo consists of husband-and-wife duo, Koos Nel, professional hunter since 1996 and Michelle, both at the helm of things.  They are involved with all the day-to-day aspects and together with the staff, strive to do such a great job that you will find yourself wondering when to book your next visit.  During your visit at Mkolo, you will be treated to 5 star service and hospitality.  We aim to make your trip the most memorable experience by considering the needs and wishes of every hunter and customise the safari to your preferences.

The environment and the wildlife changed drastically over the last 20-25 years.  The pressure on the wildlife as a source of protein, became enormous due to the need for protein and this need just keeps on increasing.  The result of this, is that you have to protect what is yours – and the situation in South Africa is such that ownership of the wildlife on property owned by you, is vested in you as landowner. 

The environment of photographic and hunting safaris has also exploded the past few decades.  And as such, the value of game increased.

The strive to protect what is yours, compelled us to erect game fencing.  As a result of this, the natural space of movement of game, became smaller.  Because of this, there rests a big responsibility on us to manage this.  And one of the legs of this management, is the control of game numbers.  One way to control it, is by hunting.  However, managing the numbers through hunting, does not only mean the killing of animals.  Hunting must be done via a sensible plan and here at Mkolo, we strive to do just that.  We also strive for the implementation of high ethical values.


For us, it is not just the killing of animals; it also is about the continued existence and promotion of the species over which we have taken ownership.  Thus, our motto:  conservation through hunting, both with passion.