Where the Fish Eagle calls



Hunting is conducted at Mkolo itself and on concessions close-by (other farms in our area). However, all the species available in South Africa are not indigenous to the area where Mkolo is situated and therefore it may be necessary to go and hunt in other provinces for those species. We will be able to tailor-make your safari according to your wish list and expectations of your African hunt.

At Mkolo we Accommodate rifle, handgun,shotgun and bowhunting.



The type of species that you will hunt, will determine the calibre that you will use.

We recommend calibres from 7 mm and up for most of the plains game species, but we cannot emphasise the use of premium grade bullets enough.

For the dangerous game 375 and up is law and not-negotiable.

We recommend the use of a bow of 60 lbs – 80 lbs when hunting plains game, and 95 lbs for dangerous game. No import permits are needed for bow equipment.

An option to definitely keep in mind, is the hiring of rifles for your hunt, from Mkolo.  It has the following advantages:  no paperwork for obtaining the temporary import permits;  no endless queues at the airport to collect your rifle;  if your hunting trip is combined with a sightseeing tour (example a trip to the Kruger National Park), travelling without a rifle is much less of a hassle and safety concerns.


The most common method of hunting is spot and stalk and for those guys that are really up to it, depending on the terrain and area, we can start the morning off, hunting the old-fashioned way – getting on foot and hunt.

Hunts can also take place from dedicated rifle blinds, with the range in the region of 100 metres.

For the bow hunters, we hunt from dedicated bow blinds with ranges from 10-30 metres.

You will be accommodated by a professional hunter on all your hunts.



Hunts usually range from 7-21 days, althought a minimum of 10 days is recommended (which will include 2 to 3 travelling days). Upon your arrival at OR Tambo Airport (Johannesburg) , you will be picked up by us. If it so happens that you land late afternoon, early evening, it is advisable that you stay over in a guesthouse close at the airport, where we will pick you up early the next morning for your trip to Mkolo. 

Another point to keep in mind when planning the duration of your trip, is that should you hunt species in different provinces, extra travel time wil be needed between different hunting areas.

All will be discussed during final arrangements for your dream trip to South Africa.